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RV Tech Repairs

Last Changed 9/5/2018

Now that our trailer is over three years old, the time has come to do some repairs.  Some we did ourselves and some were allocated to repair shops.

Repair Shops/Services

A-1 Mobile RV Services
Mission, TX (winter)
Matt Harris is a RV Certified technician with a background of aircraft repair.  Matt uses that background in the way he performs his services.

Matt replaced our water heater when it developed a leak.

North Texas RV
Krum, TX
This facility is geared for high end repair and paint jobs.  We had the damage to the trailer from the tire blowout.

Larry's Auto Clinicc
Myrtle Beach, NC
A good old automotive repair place that caters to RV.  When we had problems with our hydraulic disk brakes, none of usually RV repair places would even look at the task..Good cost effective repair.

Camco Wheel & Axle Inc.
Pharr, TX
We had work done on our brakes and our MOR/ryde suspension checked.  They also can fabricate steel items.

Elkhart, IN
We had work suspension checked out and some parts repaired.  They have parking facilities for overnight but we stayed inside the building.

Quadra Big Foot
White Pigeon, MI
We had a foot pad replaced on one of our jacks, and a jack switch replaced.

Arnie's Repair, Inc.
Hayward, WI
We had heater coolant line leak repaired.  We were surprised to find a heavy truck repair facility in Hayward, a recreational area.  But there is a lot of logging in the area.  It wasn't a fancy shop but Joe and crew were friendly and did a fine repair.

NPower Cummins.
Weston, WI
We had our generator repaired.  They had a RV spot for overnight stays,

A&E Factory Service We had our refrigerator repaired.  They are available around the country.

Veurinks RV Center
Grand Rapids, MI
We had our slide mechanism repaired when one of the pinion shafts broke.

Sargent's Wrecker Service
Weatherford TX
We have the hydraulic master/slave clutch cylinders.  This included a tow to the shop.

Our Repairs

MORryde Spring Change During routine inspection, Mark found one of the MOR/ryde rubber springs had a separation.

Mark replaced the spring.

See MOR/ryde spring
Brake Line Problem We lost the hydraulic brake on Tige from a hose that wore through from rubbing on a suspension piece.  After replacing the bad hoses, we added some protection to the hoses.

See Brake Line Problem
Original Caulk The roof caulking needed some maintenance.  We decided to replace it with Eternabond tape.

See Roof Caulk
Muffler change We tackled replacing Red Rover's muffler

See Red Rover Muffler Change
Mirror Antenna Mount We fix a broken mount for the antenna on the mirror.

See Mirror Antenna Mount
Rerigerator Repair We made to make a box to have our refrigerator repaired.

See Refrigerator Repair
LPG Detector We replaced our aged LPG detector.

See LPG Detector
Clutch Failure We had the hydraulic master/slave clutch cylinders replaced after a tow.

See Clutch Failure
Clutch Failure We replaced our marker lights to get better rain seals and to have LED lights.

See Marker Lights
Eternabond We replaced our bathroom exhaust fan unit.

See Exhaust Fan Replace
Eternabond We replaced our shower skylight  and solved some Eternabond use issues.

See Skylight Replace
Samsung Fix_ Repair Repaired the defrost element clip in our Samsung refrigerator...

See Samsung Fix
VacuFlush Repaired the defrost element clip in our Samsung refrigerator...

See VacuFlush Bellows Replace

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