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Repairs - Samsung Fix

Last Changed 2/24/2018

Our Samsung refrigerator in Joey developed a problem with water coming into the left the crisper basket.  After a lot of research, we found the problem being that there is a drain tube that is supposed to carry away melted ice from the defrost cycle of the coils, and the drain pipe freezes up and the melting water drips out of the panel covering the coils and into the crisper.

Samsung Defrost Fix This is the inside of our Samsung refrigerator.  We had the refrigerator empty for the winter and turned it off for a couple of days to get all the ice melted off the coils and the drain tube.
Samsung Defrost Fix First we had to remove all the shelves and baskets.

The panel in the center  of the back needs to be removed.
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Samsung Defrost Fix There are two Phillips head screws at the bottom of the panel.
Samsung Defrost Fix Just under the round fan outlet, there is a small insert that is pried out to provide access to the third Phillips screw.
Samsung Defrost Fix This is the refrigerator coils with the panel removed.
Samsung Defrost Fix The drain hole that freezes up is just under the clip on the defrost heating element around the refrigerator coils
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Samsung Defrost Fix This is the old clip removed from the defrost heating element.  It was riveted in but the rivet was broken loose with a screwdriver tip and a pair of pliers.

It is quite a bit smaller than the new replacement.
Samsung Defrost Fix This is the replacement clip that is attached to the heating element and sticks into the drain hole.

There is more surface area to get heat from the heating coil and to keep the water defrost water flowing into the drain.
Samsung Defrost Fix This is the new clip attached to the defrost heating element.

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