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Repairs - Skylight Replace

Last Changed 4/13/2014

We were hit by a hail storm when we were in South Dakota.  We  had a lot of damage to our car but just a little to our trailer.  One thing damaged was the skylight over out shower was cracked.  The skylight needed to be replaced but we also took the opportunity to fix some things that we did wrong when we applied Eternabond to the original skylight, our first Eternabond project.
Eternabond One of the things we did wrong was to not get the Eternabond tight to the edge of the skylight dome.  That left an air gap which allowed the microseal mastic to dry out under the protective tape.

The impact of the hailstones broke the tape over the air gap.
Eternabondr The other thing we did wrong was to allow an air gap around the screw head that help the skylight dome down.

Like the air gap and the sides of the dome, the "tented" tape was broken by the hailstones.
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Eternabond The old dome were remove and all the old caulk and putty was removed. 

The area was cleaned with lacquer thinner  for a very clean surface.,
Eternabond The replacement skylight dome was really two domes,  The outer tinted dome was 5" high in the center while the clear inner done was 3.5" high.  The original dome was about 3.5" high total with the inner dome being quite thin compared to the outer dome.  Our new domes are full thickness acrylic domes, much stronger.

We use double sided Eternabond  tape to bond the two domes together after holes were pre-drilled.  Bolts were used to bind the two domes together.
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Eternabond Double-sided Eternabond was used between the roof and the domes. 

1/4" quarter-round trim was used to create a filet edge to the domes.  The idea is to have a smoother shape for the top Eternabond tape to follow.  This was to eliminate the air gap that we had on our first job.
Eternabond Ready for the regular Eternabond tape to be applied over the screws and the domes flange.

To insure not air gaps around the screws, a 7/16" socket was used to firmly press the Eternabond tape around the base of each screw. Then the rest of the tape was firmly rolled down with a heavy roller.
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Eternabond Using the socket assured a good airless contact of the Eternabond tape with the screw heads.

The quarter-round filet's provided a smooth rounded edge instead of the shape square edge we had on the previous dome.
Eternabond We caulk all exposed edges of the Eternabond to prevent wind working under the tape.  The Eternabond company recommends this for the leading edge of tape facing the road.  We  do all edges.  
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Eternabond The completed dome replacement.  
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