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Repairs - LPG Detector

Last Changed 7/26/2012

This isn't a repair as much as it is maintenance.  There is a required device on every RV with LPG (propane) gas, an alarm that goes off if there is gas leakage.  These LPG detectors trigger on gas particles in the air.  Since these detectors sense what is in the air, they are subject to becoming clogged over time. 

Our LPG detector was 6 years old when we started to get false alarms.  We didn't know that there is a useful life to a LPG detector, but we do now.  When we replaced the LPG detector, the replacement clearly indicated that it should be replaced in 5 years.

LPG Detector This is the original LPG Detector and of course it is no longer manufactured.

The first challenge was finding a replacement that is about the same size to cover the existing hole.  There are not a lot of manufactures of LPG detectors for RVs.
LPG Detector Replacing the LPG detector is relatively simple.  Just note the wiring,

Red is the usual +12 volt line.  Our trailer is wired with White being the Ground wire.  The new detector uses Black as the Ground wire,

So it was Red to Red, and Black to White.
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LPG Detector The new detector is slightly smaller than the original.  The small gap at the top is not noticeable in normal view.

Why are replacement items always smaller?

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