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Tire Blowout


Wheatland, WY

Interstate 25

We had a little excitement on our way from Custer, SD to Woodland Park, CO when the left rear tire decided to have a tread separation.  That led to a blowout when the ply cords were exposed to the pavement when the tread departed.

This is a problem that a tire Pressure Management System Can not help with because there is air [pressure right up to the point the tire blows.  Even temperature measurement system don't catch this type of problem as the point where the tread starts to separate are too localized to cause a noticeable temperature change.  Once the tread separates in a small area, the destructive loss of enough tire tread happens rapidly.

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Blowout Losing a tire is one thing but a tread loss tends to cause a lot of damage as the tread flaps around before is breaks off.
Blowout Since this was the rear tire, the flapping tread took out the end of the wheelwell.
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Blowout We were lucky the flapping tread didn't damage the BigFoot jack because we needed it to change the tire.
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Blowout You can see that not all the tread separated.
Blowout Here you can see there the belt ruptures when the cords are worn away by the pavement.
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