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Repairs - Exhaust Fan Replace

Last Changed 4/1/2014

When we were inspecting our trailer after a hailstorm, we found that the bathroom exhaust fan lid had disintegrated.  Not From the hail from just from aging in the sun.  The amazing thing was that the lid was always covered by a TurboMaxx cover.

The exhaust fan didn't have a replaceable lid so we needed to replace the fan unit.

Eternabond First step was to remove the fascia surround.

Note the crummy shape of the screen. This fan unit had no provision to remove the screen for cleaning and taking the TurboMaxx cover for access from the roof was too much effort.
Eternabondr The TurboMaxx fan cover was removes.  The lid on the fan was a kludge attachment of another lid that did not fit.
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Eternabond The screws were remove and all the old caulk and putty was removed. 

The area was cleaned with lacquer thinner  for a very clean surface.,
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Eternabond Instead of using putty tape, we decided to use double-stick Eternabond tape.  We used 2" tape  and stuck the tape to the fan flange and then trimmed the excess.
We could have used a third hand or a helper in placing the fan assembly onto the roof. The Eternabond tape is extremely sticky and once it touches, it is more or less there to stay.  I had tried sticking two screws through the tape at opposite corners as locators for placing the fan down,  The screws were not rigid enough and it took some jockeying to get the fan positioned over the screw holes.

The lesson learned that for the next similar project, some long headless screws will be screwed into the cornet holes and they will act as guides for putting the unit down.
Eternabond The new fan assembly is taped and screwed to the roof.
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Eternabond Next regular Eternabond tape was applied over the screws and the edge of the flange.

To insure not air gaps around the screws, a 7/16" socket was used to firmly press the Eternabond tape around the base of each screw. Then the rest of the tape was firmly rolled down with a heavy roller.
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Eternabond An important step for an Eternabond tape job is to seal the edges of the tape to protect it from wind creeping under the edge of the tape.

For a cleaner job, we mast the edges of the tape and the roof.  Then the caulk is applied using a scrapper to remove excess and applied to other areas.

Then before the caulk sets up too much, the tape is removed.
Eternabond The TurboMaxx fan cover is reinstalled.  We use the TurboMaxx cover because e never close the exhaust fan cover and the TurboMaxx keeps any rain from coming in.
Eternabond The new fascia surround was installed.

One benefit of the new fan assembly is that the screen is removable for cleaning from the inside.
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