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Repairs - Refrigerator

Last Changed 6/14/2012

Our household refrigerator developed a problem.  A standard appliance repairman is the person to fix the refrigerator.

However, the typical appliance repairman is not equipped to get the refrigerator in a position to work on.

Most household refrigerators in RVs are mounted in cabinets with the base of the cabinet a few inches off of the floor.  The normal appliance repairman is used to just rolling the refrigerator out from the cabinets on the floor.  So, if you have a household refrigerator in your RV, you have the responsibility to get the refrigerator out of the cabinet so the appliance repairman can work on it,.

Refrigerator Repairr If you look at the bottom of the refrigerator, it is located in a cabinet where the base is 5" off of the floor. 

That base reinforces the slide so that the refrigerator can go out and in with the slide,
Refrigerator Repair This is a photo of the cabinet that the refrigerator in mounted in.

Most household refrigerators in RV are mounted in a slide and in a cabinets.
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Refrigerator Repair To get the refrigerator out of the cabinet, we had the repair facility we were at make a box.  We could have made it ourselves.  Some 2"x4"s with some 3/4" plywood would provide enough strength.  The box was 4'x4' so we could swing the 36"x24" refrigerator around so the appliance repairman could get to the mechanicals.
Refrigerator Repairr We used A&E Factory Service.  They are available around the country.  After getting a couple of quotes local repair people who wanted to take the refrigerator to there shop.

Getting the refrigerator out of the cabinet is one thing.  Getting it out of the trailer is a whole different situation.

Since A&E would repair in the trailer, we chose them and they were a lower price.

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