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Satellite TV

There are two providers of satellite TV, DirecTV and DishTV.  Both offer a wide array of programming options including basic channels, premium channels, pay-per-view channels, specialty sports channels and more.

Since TV usage is such a personal issue, we will not cover things like programming packages.  Your economics and desires will help you make decisions.

We used DirecTV for several years in our house and switched to DishTV for full-timing.  The reasons for change were related to HDTV programming and equipment.  Otherwise, we can say that both providers have good service and good programming selections.


Since we are talking about satellite TV, one of the decisions to make after picking the providers, is the type of satellite dish or dishes you will use to receive signals from the satellites.

Satellite TV Roof Mounted dishes.  These are subject to the problem of trees blocking the view of the sky necessary to see the satellites.

Many roof mounted dishes are automatic which means a simple setup, especially in rain.

See Roof Dishes

Satellite TV Portable Dome dishes are new variations of Roof Dome dishes that provide some of the flexibility of placement of a tripod dish and the connivance of automatic setup, with some considerations.

See Portable Dome Dishes.
Satellite TV Ground mounted (usually on a tripod) satellite dishes provide flexibility in avoiding obstructions like trees.

See Ground Dishes

A ground dish will need a ground mount.

See TV Tripods


We had coax wiring added to trailer during construction but we found we needed more to use the satellite dishes the way we wanted shown in TV Cabling

Tools & Setup Procedures

The tools we use and the steps we perform in Setting up the Satellite TV Dish

Network channels

When you use satellite TV as an RVer, you have the option of Distant Network Services to receive the major network channels.  This is described in DNS.


Satellite TV There are variations in receivers used for satellite TV.  One variation is a Digital Video Recorder (DVR). We have one of these.

See Dish Hopper 2000/Joey DVR and
See DishTV VIP622 DVR

Disclaimer: The information in this site is a collection of data we derived from the vendors and from our personal experiences.  This information is meant as a learning guide for you to  make your own decisions  Best practices and code should always be followed.  The recommendations we make are from our personal experiences and we do not receive any compensation for those recommendations.