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Technical - Current Air-Card System

Last Changed 7/12/2016

Technology changes and we had to change along with it.  The biggest driving force to change was changing from using 4G equipment over 3G equipment.  The change to 4G made a different air-card modem and a change of the router from the CradlePoint 1000 which was limited to 3G type modems.

These are the changes from our original air-card installation.

Cradlepoint MBR-1000 router This was the CradlePoint MBR-1000 as installed in out trailer.

The CradlePoint was replaced by a Surf SOHO router because it had 4G modem capability and WiFi as WAN capability.
SOHO Router
Novatel USB760 modem We had to replace the Novatel USB760 as it was a 3G modem

Originally we had a Pantech MHS291 MiFi but it did not fit our environment.  We purchased a Pantech UML295 and put the SIMM card from the MiFi in it.
Pantech UML295 modem
Peak Reception Rockies Extreme wired wireless amplifier We originally had a Peak Reception "Rockies" Extreme wired wireless amplifier because it was the most powerful available at that time.  We used it once.

This time we choose a Wilson Sleek amplifier with about half the power of the Rockies Extreme amp.  We felt it would be enough.
Sleek Amplifier
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Air-Card Install We originally had a 9dB tracker whip antenna mounted on the Sensar TV antenna.  This antenna is still attach to the Travel Supreme trailer,

On our motorhome, we are using a BoatAnt antenna.  It is short enough we didn't have to have it on an elevator like the Sensar antenna.
Assembled mount
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Air-Card Install In the trailer we mounted the communication equipment behind the bedroom TV.

In the motorhome, we had to put a lot more stuff behind the bedroom TV.  This the SOHO router and the Sleek amplifier with the Pantech Modem attached by Velcro.
Air-Card Install
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Air Card Sxhematic This is a schematic of our air-card and Wi-Fi LAN in the trailer and in the motorhome. Air Card Sxhematic
Completed roof access Here are our antennas mounted on the roof of the motorhome.

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