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Tuscaloosa, AL

4/15 - 4/17/2017

Our location - Tuscaloosa, AL

Deerlick Creek (COE-Holt Lake)

We stopped at Deerlick Creek Corps of Engineers Park at Lake Holt to see what staying at a COE Park was like.  The spot we had was a great site for camping.  We had a deck that overlooked the river.  But we do not camp, we live in a home that we move around. 

Unfortunately we were under the weather and didn't enjoy the site as much as we could have.

What the COE Park did not have was a satellite shot.  The trees were incredibly dense and the roads were narrow where you can usually get a satellite fix.  Because of its remote location, we had access to only one broadcast TV station and it was intermittent.  Even SiriusXM radio had a problem getting a good signal.

Being house bound with no decent TV was difficult.  We did have Internet using our Verizon Air-Card.

If COE Parks are like this in regards to satellite views, we will probably avoided COE Parks in the future.

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Tuscaloosa AL From the deck on the site overlooking the river.
Tuscaloosa AL The site was long enough but it was on a curve making disconnecting Sparky a problem. Tuscaloosa AL
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