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Woodland Park, CO (5)

9/2 - 10/1/2016

Our location - Woodland Park, CO

Diamond Campground

We returned to Diamond Campground because we like Colorado and we like our friends, Danielle and Jack Mayer, who are camp hosts here.

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Diamond Campground Diamond Campground is in Woodland Park, CO about 20 miles northwest of Colorado Springs.
Pile's Peak This is why we like coming to Diamond.  That is Pike's Peak in the near distance.
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Trees Diamond Campground is a traditional RV park with lots of trees and rough sites.

The site we were in is very long but far from level.
Trees After we were level, I think just one wheel was still on the ground.

There was no way the roof satellite dish would work.
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Satellite Dish On our site, there was no place for our tripod dish.

But we were close to a space where a couple of people had put their Dish dishes up.
Hole in the trees We put our dish close to the two already there but we still did not get the best satellite shot.  We could only get two of the three satellites we wanted.

We survived.
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