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Grand Canyon


Our location - Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon National Park

Mark had been to the Grand Canyon in 1976 on a whirlwind two-week tour of the west.  Mark was entranced by just standing on the rim and taking in the grand view of the Canyon.  Mark was ready to just drive to the Grand Canyon and stand on the rim again. 

As Dale was making reservations for our stay in the Grand Canyon/Williams, AZ area, she started of thinking of taking the train ride from Williams to the Grand Canyon.  Mark was not excited about the train tour.  Then Dale noticed a link to Marvelous Marv's Tours.  Marv Mason uses a small tour van and takes only up to 12 people at a time on an all-day guided tour.  Mark felt that a guided tour might be worth it since Marv would do the driving and we would not have to find parking spots at the Park.

Grand Canyon Tour This is Marvelous Marv Mason, the tour guide we used.  Marv has been giving Grand Canyon tour's for 30 years as evident by his flow of information about the Grand Canyon and the Williams area.
Grand Canyon Tour Marv relayed extensive knowledge of the Grand Canyon.

Marv took pictures of his tour members using the Grand Canyon as a backdrop.
Grand Canyon Tour
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Grand Canyon Tour Grand Canyon Tour Grand Canyon Tour

After a day of a well organized, highly informative tour that was a well balanced mix of "see that" time and time to just look, we can say Marvelous Marv's Tour was well worth it. You can just stand on the Grand Canyon rim and take in a breath-taking view, or you can take in an informative breath-taking view.

As for pictures, the Grand Canyon cannot be done justice with photographs.  Even the life-like realism of an IMAX movie cannot give the sensation of standing on the rim of the Grand Canyon.  But we took some photographs anyways so maybe you have the impetuous to visit the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon National Park

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