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Kansas Cosmosphere


2008 HDT Rally - Hutchinson Kansas


One of the surprising things we did is visit the Cosmosphere, a museum of America', and Russia's space efforts. Who would have expected a Space Museum in Kansas?  Well two of our  astronauts came from Kansas.

We took in the Hubble presentation in the Planetarium will an incredible array of photos taken from Hubble.

There was an extensive exhibit on the German rocket development for WW II which was the basis of United States, and Russian, space development.

These photos do not do justice to the amount of exhibits in the Museum.  Plan several hours if you go.

The Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center
They had a SR-71 Blackbird
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The Blackbird was one big airplane.
They had the Shuttle Endeavor
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This T-38 Talon was the plane used by the astronauts to practice and to travel between NASA facilities.
A Surveyor
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A Mars lander
One of the early rocket engines.
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A replica from the movie "The Right Stuff" of Glamorous Glennis, the plane Chuck Yeager flew to fist break the sound barrier.
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A Titan rocket
Launch pad close up.
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A scaled replica of a Lunar Lander.
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