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Mukwonago, WI

6/18 - 6/25/2008

Our location - Mukwonago, WI

Country View Campground

We returned to Wisconsin, in the Milwaukee area, to visit Mark's family.  Like many metropolitan areas, it is hard to find a campground that is convenient and yet large enough for Red Rover and Tige.  Country View does not quite fit that, but it is better than the West Allis Fair Grounds (large parking lot), where we were in 2006, and Lake Lenwood (too far away with other unpleasant  issues), where we stayed last year.

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Mukwonago WI Country View Campground
Mukwonago WI The campground it way up this road.
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Mukwonago WI The office building is a dead giveaway that this was a KOA Kampground at one time.
Mukwonago WI Nice pool.
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Mukwonago WI Country View is located on a Southeastern Wisconsin hill which isn't very high but does give great views. Mukwonago WI
Mukwonago WI There is a small petting zoo for the young ones. Mukwonago WI
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Mukwonago WI  
Mukwonago WI Many of the camp sites have facilities for the weekend campers.  Just like in most family campgrounds, The weekend campers start arriving mid-afternoon on Friday.  Pop-ups, travel trailers, kids, bicycles, lawn games, grills....and on Sunday around noon, the campground empties as all head home to get the workweek started!  We try not to leave on Sunday, rather sometime mid-week.
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Mukwonago WI Since this is an old KOA Kampground, the sites are very small.  Not enough space for Red Rover and Tige.

It was a real challenge getting into the site.
Mukwonago WI Tige and Sparky fit in the site.  But not Red Rover.
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Mukwonago WI Leaving is going to be a real challenge.  We had to use part of the site across from us to get in.

You can see Sparky down between the motorhomes on the right.  We will have to swing across the sites across the road from us to get out.  We hope the sites will be empty.
Mukwonago WI Red Rover was stuck down in the storage lot.  Unlike last year at Lake Lenwood,  he was within walking distance.

There, we had to drive to get the things we forgot to unload from Red Rover to setup the site.
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Mukwonago WI One of the joys of the Full-Timing Life Style is the ability to visit family and friends.

While in Mukwonago, Mark visited with two fellow salesmen he worked with when he was in Madison, WI.  Mark, Terry Sheahan, and Dave Breckenfelder (l-r)
Mukwonago WI Sue and Dave Breckenfelder.
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Mukwonago WI Eve and Terry Sheahan
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