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Natchitoches, LA

12/27 - 12/28/2006

Our location - Natchitoches, LA

We spent a lovely Christmas with our daughter, Stacy and her husband, Ken in Texas.  But, our time together had to end.  We had our schedule to meet and they had to head back to San Antonio.  So, we said our good-byes and headed east out Louisiana on our way to Summerdale, AL.  We enter Louisiana

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Natchitoches LA We enter Louisiana.
Natchitoches LA We will take three days to get to Alabama.  First stop...Natchitoches, LA, just south of Shreveport.  Nakatosh Campground office.
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Natchitoches LA Party room.
Natchitoches LA Mark has gotten so quick setting up the internet satellite dish that even if we are stopping for only one night, up it goes!
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