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Arlington, TX

12/1 - 12/26/2006

Our location - Arlington, TX

Treetops RV Village

Leaving the Escapee Park in Livingston, TX was difficult.  We really enjoyed our stay there.  We met wonderful new friends, caught up with fellow HDT owners, Pat and Mike McFall, and got into the rhythm of activity in the park.  It was tough saying good bye.  But, we had commitments in Arlington, TX beginning on Saturday, Dec. 12.  So, when Friday rolled around, we packed up, hitched up, said our good byes and headed north.  What, are we crazy?  In December, the smart people go south.  But, our plan for Christmas this year is to be with our daughter, Stacy, her husband, Ken and his family.  Florida will have to wait until January.

Our home for this December is Treetops RV Village in Arlington. Santa was there, perched on the roof, waiting for our arrival!

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Arlington TX Our home for this December is Treetops RV Village in Arlington.  Santa was there, perched on the roof, waiting for our arrival!
Arlington TX The RV park has gone all out with their  Christmas decorations.
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Arlington TX The walkways are decorated with lights.  This park has over 2000 oak trees.  Of course, now they are virtually bare.  But I can imagine how beautiful it is here in the spring!
Arlington TX Christmas decorations are hung everywhere.

From this tranquil setting, you might think that we are way out in the country.  Not so.  This park is 1/3 mile from a major area shopping mall, a Super Target with a grocery store, scores of restaurants and a 16 screen movie theater....all within walking distance of Treetops.  As a matter of fact, I take my walk to and through the mall every morning.  And now that it is the Christmas shopping season, many stores are open at 9AM.  Naturally, I time my walk accordingly!
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Arlington TX "Merry Christmas" from the Treetops Gang!
Arlington TX Too cold for the pool to be open.
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Arlington TX This park has a very interesting layout where the pull-thru sites are effectively back to back.  There is a system of alleys with two sites off of each alley.  You pull through the alley into your site. It is a compact arrangement that yields fairly large sites.

The patio slabs have sidewalks to the road.
Arlington TX We have Red Rover parked out in front on the street for convenience.  We could park him behind the trailer off of the alley.  But, we were afraid that he could get parked in by the trailer that is right behind us.  The park management has not asked us to move Red Rover.  So, it looks like we will leave him here!
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