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Hardin, MT

6/30 -7/4/2006

Our location - Hardin Montana

Grandview Campground

We chose to stop in Hardin, MT at the Grandview Campground because it is within our desired daily driving time from our previous stop.  We like to be off the road no later than 3 o'clock in the afternoon.  That gives us plenty of time to get all set leveled, slide rooms extended, satellite TV on, Internet dish positioned with computers online and still time to get dinner ready and wind down from the drive.

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Hardin MT The Grandview Campground.
Hardin MT The Grandview Campground is fairly small,  with not so many campsites.  But it has lots of room for a big rig like ours to turn around and back into a long site that will accommodate both the Tige and Red Rover.
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Hardin MT The weather is hot (90°), windy and dry during the day.  In the evening after sundown, we turn off the air conditioning, open the windows and enjoy cool temperatures over night.
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