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Clarkston, WA

7/16 - 7/17/2006

Our location - Clarkston Washington

Hell's Canyon Resort

We left Moscow, ID and traveled just 30 miles down the road to Clarkston, WA.... Hell's Canyon Resort, located on the Snake River.  We had been semi-boondocking for over a week and we needed to find some 50 amp power and water to do some laundry.

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Clarkston WA Hell's Canyon Resort, located on the Snake River.
Clarkston WA Lewiston, ID is the sister city to Clarkston, WA...they are just across the state line from one another, and named for Lewis and Clark!
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Clarkston WA  
Clarkston WA  
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Clarkston WA Route 95 south from Moscow to Lewiston is very scenic, winding and for the final few miles, very mountainous.  Lewiston Hill is the final descent into Lewiston.  The speed limit for trucks is 35 mph.  The downhill grade is a steady 7% for 6 miles. There are three runaway truck ramps.  The grade continues all the way down into Lewiston with 45 mph curves the last 4 miles.
Clarkston WA As we were leaving, I took these pictures of Lewiston Hill.  We know now to always keep the camera handy, because these shots looking up pale in comparison to the incredible view on the way down.  Breathtaking!
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