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Anaconda, MT

7/4 - 7/6/2006

Our location - Anaconda Montana

Fairmont RV Park

We hadn't planned on stopping in Anaconda, MT but as we were traveling, we were contacted by fellow RVers, Margaret and John Serafin, who we originally met at the Teton Plant on a tour.  We visited with them when they were in the Washington DC area before we went on the road.  They had been following our travels and found we would be going past Anaconda where they were staying.

This is one of the advantages of the Full-Timing Life Style, you will meet people you know in the strangest of places.

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Waiting for the fireworks Mark and friends are waiting for the Independence Day fireworks to begin.  Anaconda, MT is a very small town.  But they put on a fantastic display from the top of a nearby mountain.
Anaconda MT Fairmont RV Park about 6 miles from Anaconda, MT.
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Anaconda MT Getting ready to hook up and depart.
Anaconda MT Trail rides by the week!  Oh my aching _____!!
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Margaret & Kathy Friends, Margaret and Kathy get a tour of Red Rover.
Imported bird's nest Found this bird's nest, complete with eggs, tucked up underneath our living room slide.  We think it was built while the trailer was parked in Easton, MD.  We must have departed while the mother bird was away from the nest.  We carried it all the way across the country!
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