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RV Life on Wheels

RV Life On Wheels   Not being life long campers or RVers, we knew that there was much that we didn't know about these vehicles and how to live this RV lifestyle.  We knew that we needed a lot of information and education before we could even purchase an RV, let along take off on the road full time!  But, where do you get such information?  We're not certain how we became aware of RV Life on Wheels (LOW).  But it was just what we needed in order to help round out our research and give us invaluable information on a whole range of RV-related subjects.

LOW is an education extension program sponsored by the University of Idaho. It offers current and prospective RVers the opportunity to learn the most up-to-date information about RVs and the RV lifestyle so they can enjoy, more fully, this exciting means of recreation and travel.  In addition to being offered in Moscow, Idaho, this seminar series is taken on the road each year to Tucson, AZ, Des Moines, IA, Bowling Green, KY and Bethlehem, PA.  Two and a half days of seminars, taught by industry experts, experienced full time and extended time RVers and RV travel writers...just what we needed to get started!

Gaylord Maxwell   Life on Wheels is the "dream come true" of Gaylord Maxwell.  A former teacher, he is also a long-time RV travel writer and lecturer. Motorhome, Trailer Life, Highways, and RV Business are magazines that have published articles by Gaylord every month for more than 30 years.  In addition to writing for magazines, Gaylord has also published a number of books on RVing and was inducted into the RV Heritage Foundation Hall of Fame in 1997.  He is just one of the many wonderful people we have met at LOW.  Even after having taken many of the courses, we want to go back each year because we love the people and the environment.

Unfortunately, Gaylord passed away in 2008 and without his guidance to carry on, the RV Life on Wheels came to an end.  We can only hope that a replacement program will arise under someone else.  The need for such a program has been proven.

And now the good news, the RV Safety, & Education Foundation (RVSEF) has started to offer some of what RV Life on Wheels used to offer.  The initial offering of education from RVSEF is not as extension as LOW but then, LOW started with the basics and added to the session offerings over time.

These are some of the LOW courses we have taken:
Full-Timing: An Overview Gaylord Maxwell
Learning Priorities for New RVers Joe & Vickie Kieva
RVing Made Easy Joe & Vickie Kieva
A'Weight We Go (RV Weight Safety) John Anderson
Digital Satellite Systems Mike Steffen
Do's & Don'ts of RV Insurance Joe & Vickie Adams
Electronics Communications Mike Steffen
Fire Safety Mac McCoy
GPS Laptop Mapping Software Dave Baleria
Personal Defense: Pepper Spray Dave & Sandy Baleria
Personal Safety for RVers Dave & Sandy Baleria
Preparing for a Medical Emergency on the Road Jack & Doreen Ingles
Radial Tire Safety John Conda
RV Driving Lessons: Motorhomes Dick Reed
RV Driving Lessons: Towables Dick Reed
What's New in Wireless Communication Julie Walcott
All About Batteries Greg Holder
An RV's AC Electrical System Steve Savage
An RV's DC Electrical System Steve Savage
Boondocking; Use those holding tanks Dave & Sandy Baleria
Fresh Water Systems: Operation & Maintenance Steve Savage
Maintenance & Repair: Air Conditioners Steve Savage
Maintenance & Repair: Refrigerators & Oven Ranges Steve Savage
Maintenance & Repair: Water Heaters/Furnaces Steve Savage
RV Awnings Russ Maxwell
Solar Power Greg Holder
Air Brakes Dick Reed
Brake Controllers ;
Diesel Tow Rigs Bill Farlow
Suspension Systems, Brakes & Bearings for 5th
 Wheel & Travel Trailers
Joe Green
Tow Trucks Joe Green
Tow Trucks Mike Steffen
An Openly Biased View of Full-Timing Bill Farlow
Are You Prepared Arlene Janssens
Boondocking Frances Hawkins
Boondocking: Life Without Hookups Bill Farlow
Camping World's Work World Ron Chance
Extended RV Travel Joe & Vickie Kieva
Gizmos and Gadgets Bob Marx
Making Money on the Road Joe & Vickie Kieva
Meandering Down the Highway Nick Russell
Campground & RV Discounts & Memberships Dave & Sandy Baleria
State Laws for Traveling Workers Ron Chance
The Ins and Outs of Full-Timing Charlie Minshall
The Frugal RVer Nick Russell
The Reluctant RVer Nick Russell
Workamping: The Ultimate Adventure Arlene Chandler
Highlights: Canada/Alaska Charlie Minshall
Highlights: New England Charlie Minshall
Quartzside: The World's Largest RV Event Mike Steffen
RVing to Alaska Joe & Vickie Kieva

Disclaimer: The information in this site is a collection of data we derived from the vendors and from our personal experiences.  This information is meant as a learning guide for you to  make your own decisions  Best practices and code should always be followed.  The recommendations we make are from our personal experiences and we do not receive any compensation for those recommendations.
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