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Technical - Fuse Switch

Last Changed 4/11/2012

Our new car, a Chevrolet Equinox, when being towed, needs to have one fuse removed.  This disables most the electrical circuits in the car and keeps the battery from running down.  Pulling a mini-fuse is not the easiest thing and we didn't want to risk wearing out the fuse slot in the fuse block.  We decided to put a switch inline with the fuse.

Fuse Swwitch We used a fuse tap.  The fuse tap plugs into the fuse holder like a fuse, then the normal fuse for that location is put in the normal slot in the tap.  Another fuse is put in the tap slot and a wire is connected to another circuit.

The way this works on one side the two blade holes are tied together.  On the other side, one hole goes to the fuse block and the other hole goes to the circuit wire.
Fuse Swwitch We put the fuse in the second slot, ran the wire to a switch and then a wire from the switch back to the normal fuse slot in the fuse tap.
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Fuse Swwitch We cut a fuse to get a blade that we soldered to a wire.
Fuse Swwitch Here is the fuse in the tap slot and the fuse blade wire in the normal slot.
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Fuse Swwitch Here is the fuse tap inserted into the fuse block.
Fuse Swwitch We drilled a hole in the fuse block cover as the location was convenient but out of the way.
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Fuse Swwitch The switch is barely noticeable.

It is a lot easier to flip the switch than to pull the fuse.

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