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Technical - Cabinet Modification

Last Changed 2/11/2007

We had a problem with the electronics cabinet with no air circulation.  We had a DVR, Surround Sound System, DVD player, and the LAN equipment generating heat in the cabinet with no way for the heat to escape.

Rear View Camera The cabinet had this imitation leaded glass in the door.  We decided to replace the glass with some screen.
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Rear View Camera We found this door guard screen at Lowes.
Rear View Camera The screen in the door guard was made from expanded metal with brown paint.

We use a Dremel tool with a cut-off disk to cut a panel the size of the glass that was in the door.
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Rear View Camera The glass was held into the door with a rubber gasket that had a glass bead appearance.
Rear View Camera The rubber gasket has tabs that fit into a groove cut into the door frame.
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Rear View Camera Here is the screen installed in the door.  It looks great and now the heat can escape from the cabinet.
Rear View Camera The screen with the rubber gasket.  We had to use a thin piece of rubber material to fill the gap as the screen was about have the thickness of the glass.
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