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Technical - Bed LCD TV install

Last Changed 1/27/2010

When we went on the road, we used a 19" tube TV, that we had already had for years, in the bedroom.  Since the digital changeover made the 19:" usable only with the satellite TV and not the Over The Air TV from the antenna, we bought a replacement 23" LCD TV.

LPG Detector At first we just put the LCD TV on its base into the bedroom TV compartment.  We strapped the TV down with TV hold straps.

We found that the TV needed to be tipped downward to minimize the viewing angle when we are laying in bed.  We put a piece of wood under the back edge of the TV base but that was not a good solution.
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LPG Detector We decided that we needed to use a swing arm to mount the LCD TV so we can tilt the monitor.

Unfortunately, the "walls" inside the bedroom cabinets are like most RV cabinet walls.  There are 3/32" veneer plywood over a 3/4" square stock frame.  This was not enough to hold the arm.

If you look close at the holes you will see the wall is hallow.
LPG Detector The plan was to overlay the wall frame with 1/4" plywood on both sides of the wall.  The cabinet to the right of the TV presented a problem.  The opening was too small for a single piece of plywood that would overlay the top, bottom, front and back frame.
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LPG Detector The answer was to use two plywood pieces spanning from the front to the back frame, one overlaying the top frame and the other the bottom.  The larger top piece also had the bolt holes for the swing arm.

We added another piece of plywood spanning from the top to the bottom frame that the swing arm bolts would also go through.
LPG Detector Before applying the overlay plywood on the TV side, we added spacers that would be trapped between the plywood overlays to prevent collapsing the light inner wall.
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LPG Detector We stained the overlay plywood Ebony as we knew trying to match the Honey Maple would be near impossible and not worth the effort.

The arm was mounted to the wall and then the LCD was mounted to the swing arm.
LPG Detector The finished installation.  There is room under the TV for a satellite TV receiver that will be added.

The TV can be swung out and there is room for some storage behind the TV,  Probably m ore purses.

We need to make a travel mount, a piece that will support the weight of the TV when we travel.  We also have to add some bungee cord mounts to prevent swinging while traveling.
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