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Technical - Battery Fill

Last Changed 5/27/2018

We installed a battery fill system on Joey to make things easier.  This system was not necessary on Tige because Tige's batteries are AGMs and do not need filling.

Bounder Batteries These are the four house batteries mounted under the entry steps into Joey.

Note the battery cables and the white battery caps.
Regular Battery Cap System This is the battery cap assembly from one of the batteries.  Basically the assembly is a nice idea, just flip the levers and all three caps come off.

The problem is that the levers conflict with the battery cables as seen in the Previous photo.

This is why we installed the battery fill system so we did not have to take the cap assemblies off.
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Battery Fill Fill Cap We are using the Flow-Rite Pro-Fill RV system.  Each kit comes with the items for two 6 volt batteries.

This is the adapter that replaces the battery cap.  The white tip is a float.  When water is forced into the adapter, the float stop water flow when the battery cell has enough fluid.

Hoses interconnect the adapters.
Battery Fill System Here is the system installed.  The hardest part was remove the old cap assemblies which required removing battery cables.

Once installed, we should not have to remove battery cables anymore except to change batteries.
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Battery Fill Hand Pump
There is a hose with a connector attached to the interconnected adapters.

There is a hand squeeze pump that connects to that connector and has a hose that goes into the distilled water bottle.  Distilled water is pumped until all the adapter cap floats close making the pump hard.  

Add on

When we went to fill the chassis battery on Joey, we found the battery set way back from the hood opening.

Battery Fill Hand Pump We added the same type of system to the chassis battery.
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