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Tire Pressure Management System

Last Changed 1/14/2016

We installed a PressurePro Tire Pressure Management System like we have had on Red Rover and Tige.

Our reasons are covered here. TPMS..
Here is the PressurePro Monitor Velcroed installed to the dash drawer.

So far, we have success with just the "rubber ducky" antenna since Joey is a lot smaller than Red Rover and Tige were.
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One of the problems with this location for the PressurePro Monitor was the rubber ducky antenna sticking up over the upper edge of the Dash.

We located the power cord using duck tape along the edge of the drawer.
90 degree adapter for antenna We purchased a 90 degree adapter for the rubber ducky antenna.  We drove for a few months before the adapter broke from the vibrations on the antenna and the weight of the antenna. (arrow).
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Suction cup adapter We took one of the suction cup adapters that came with the PressurePro Monitor to attach it to a windshield, and cut the backside off.
Antenna now supported We used heavy duty Velcro tape to attach the antenna to the modified bracket.
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TPMS Now the rubber ducky antenna is no longer in the way.  We drilled a hole through the dash lip to get the power cable out of the way..
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