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Many of the decisions we have made in the selection of truck and trailer have been safety related.  We did not want to be part of an accident like these.

Accident 1 Accident 2 Accident 3

We decided to provide a page of links to those decisions that we felt were safety related

Better trailer brake control
Better stopping capacity
Knowing how to safely drive an RV
Adequate hitch capacity
Adequate Tires
Regularly checking tire pressure
Maintaining tire pressure
Electrical Protection
Knowing what is behind the RV
The results of an accident
Adequate towing Capacity

Disclaimer: The information in this site is a collection of data we derived from the vendors and from our personal experiences.  This information is meant as a learning guide for you to  make your own decisions  Best practices and code should always be followed.  The recommendations we make are from our personal experiences and we do not receive any compensation for those recommendations.
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